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I am a novelist; an author. What I do best is write about the things within my mind. I'd rather write about others than about myself. If I were to write a character bio about myself it would read something like:
After struggling through a difficult childhood Felicia finally found her place within the horse world. There she was accepted as she was and she strove to be the best possible horse person. While working hard to develop her knowledge base about horses Felicia also read fantasy and fairy tales. She loves the idea of worlds beyond what we know and writes characters who struggle with their ideals and the reality of their situations.
Felicia has written numerous short stories and has about 20 different story ideas that swirl around in her brain like a hurricane. The current serial she is working on is about twin sisters who struggle with what they want and who they are meant to be. Interested in reading more about what she writes? Keep checking back for more installments of the serial.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Southern New England. It is an area that is close knit but unwelcoming of outsiders. I went to many different schools as a child; my family had to move a lot because my mother was a single mother and she couldn't really afford much. This has affected the way I write because my characters don't come from happy home lives. All of my characters are struggling with fractured home lives. Some grew up without any family and others had a "normal" family but lost it to tragedy.
I was affected more by my hectic childhood than the physical location of where I grew up. That being said I tend write stories that have forests and hilly locations. Deserts and hot locations rarely appear in my writings. I'm sure as I progress as an author my answer to this question will change.
When did you first start writing?
That's a good question. I was about seven or eight years old and I received a create your own story American Girl doll. I remember trying to write her story and finding it difficult to write it. So, I decided to figure out how to write. My next foray into writing happened when I tried to write fanfic for Unicorns of Balinor. I threw it all away because I thought people would think I was trying to plagiarize. I was in middle school at that point and we had just learned that plagiarizing was bad.
I wrote a bit through middle school but always thought I wasn't good enough. I'd take writing classes but other students were better writers and I guess I just thought no one would want to read what I write. That didn't stop me from writing but it did slow my progression as a writer down.
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