Flemming Hansen


I’m F.K. (Flemming Knøss) Hansen.
I fill my day with work, and diaper changes, and bellowing ghastly children’s songs. In fact, having children has taken away all my leisure, and I’m afraid that this will go on until I’m fifty.

It’s not that I mind patty cake that much. After all, it is marvellous to see my future heirs smiling and clapping their small chubby hands while laughing. Still, a part of me needs to think, fantasize and create. It has been like this all my life, and if it hadn’t been for the vast quantities of beer I consumed in my youth, I would probably have published more novels.

Now, I have published one novel, and the funny thing is that I wrote this book at a point in my life where I have no time at all. I guess I’ve grown up at that point. I’ve become disciplined and even serious at times. Oh yes, it is astonishing what a few thousand dirty diapers will do to a man! I mean, one morning I woke up as an author, and found myself slightly bald – no wonder authors look the way the do.

Besides writing, I love photography, astronomy and yelling at other motorists when driving. If I’m not working on my next novel, I try to keep the blog www.fkhansen.com more or less up to date.

Oh, there’s not much of a biography here, is there? Well, nevermind, those things are boring anyway.


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