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  • A Soldier's Journey Through Life on March 23, 2012

    Brig. Lakshman Singh has written "A Soldier's Journey Through Life" in an extremely engaging manner. He starts by telling his early life, his student days, joining the Army, and how he was introduced to a very pretty girl, Jeet, whom he married. After training in the Army Signal Corps, he was sent to the Northeast front of the war between India and China. He describes all the events of the war which were quite hazardous indeed, and how he saved his fellow soldiers at the risk of his own life. He returned home to his beloved wife Jeet (Rosy). They had wonderful romantic times together, and raised a lovely family. Later she was a victim of cancer, and succumbed in a tragic way. But she has not escaped Lakshman’s memory, as she is alive in his heart and mind forever. The entire book is very enjoyable to read with romantic up and down episodes of Lakshman’s real life story, and adventures in army and civilian life. Finally the denouement is very touching. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. - Dr. Arjun Saxena, Emeritus Professor; Author of “Invention of Integrated Circuits: Untold Important Facts”.
  • Smiles, Tears And Heartbreaks on Jan. 03, 2014

    I am writing this review for Brigadier Lakshman Singh's latest book, "Smiles, Tears And Heartbreaks". In this book, he has "... randomly picked from happenings, over time have intentionally been left unarranged, just like the random events that generated them." As I have read through this book, I have found each event to be cohesive and self-contained to convey the respective messages very nicely as they occurred naturally. Lakshman's overwhelming love for his wife, Rosy, is loud and clear. The feelings and sentiments expressed by him are beautiful and very touching indeed. It is a unique love story. Also, Lakshman's caring thoughts for his parents, family members, friends in civilian life and fellow soldiers/officers in the army are also very sincere. I have found this and previous books by Lakshman to be very readable and enjoyable. To borrow the expression from his latest book, I have picked portions from his books "randomly" and read them again and again and enjoyed them immensely. I hope that the other readers will do it too. I wish great success to Lakshman's books. Dr. Arjun N. Saxena Emeritus Professor Author of "Invention of Integrated Circuits: Untold Important Facts", published by World Scientific Company