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  • Redemption on July 11, 2016

    Redemption is a much more than a thought-provoking novel! Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo is a great mix of different genres like sci-fi, history, romance and spiritual. I liked how Jacklyn has blended the concepts of reincarnation, time travel and technology to make up the whole plot of the novel. The novel was engaging right from the very first page. The language is simple, which makes it easy to read for non-native English-speakers too. The writer has a bright imagination and strong writing skills, which made me feel that if I have been seeing the adventures of the protagonist with my own eyes. The main attraction to me was Ann - the main character, who was a brilliant engineer. A smart, confident woman, who was working in an advanced Artificial Intelligence environment in 2045 (I am an engineer myself so I was particularly interested in her life). Ann had a series of time travelling experiences where she slips into her past four lives, all of them so different and so amazing! I admired all hard choices, which Ann did in her past (and present) I couldn't stop myself from the tears running from my eyes feeling her sacrifices. I liked an ongoing discussion, throughout the novel, about freedom and love, free will and fate, spiritual choices and God between Ann and his incredibly cute and smart robotic assistant Rob. Beside Ann, other characters played their role meaningfully in her life, like her friend man-eating Nina, her romantic interest Michael and the weird Psychic who helps her to drift into her past lives. Additionally, I’d say, the romantic genre in the novel dominates slightly than sci-fi genre. Overall, it’s a great read. I definitely liked all the technology, spiritualism, mysticism and romanticism in the novel. As for her debut novel, Jacklyn did an amazing job. I’ll definitely follow her works in the future.