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Smashwords book reviews by Faith

  • Resonance, Vol. I (Approaching the Dark Age Series) on Sep. 05, 2013

    The Introduction and Dedication tell a story them self about the Author and the challenges he has had to subdue, to get to where he is today. This is very heart warming and I myself find it, encouraging. To read that he had overcome these challenges and was able to write this novel, encourages other people that if you keep going one day you will get to where you want to be. Resonance is an exciting tale following a young Tribal, the man known as Maledream has been thrown into a world of destruction and devastation, due to natural and man-made disasters, the world we know today is but a blur, thrown in to living life the hard way. Living with his foster father as he had lost his family, Maledream one day leaves the safety of the Tribal camp and ends up on a mission, facing dangers which were once thought of as just being legendary, helping and saving people on the way. He makes friends with powerful people along the way Anglite, Neveah, Crazy John and Boris are among the few. The Chemistry between Maledream and Anglite is very strong, will they won't they who knows. The challenges that the group come across are life threatening, will they survive and will they be able to make it to the safety of Maridia. Approaching the Dark Age - Resonance is very easy to get quickly lost in, don't be surprised if you miss your bus / train stop on the way to and from work. I myself don't read that often if at all to tell the truth. Already I am dying to read the second book, but one has to wait.
  • Orchestra, Vol. II (Approaching the Dark Age Series) on Sep. 05, 2013

    Its been a while since I've read Matthew Chivers first book, Resonance. I had the second downloaded for a while but haven't got around to it until now to write up a review. I'm not the best at it. All I can say is that the second book doesn't disappoint. I especially loved extras put into the back of the ebook, wasn't expecting it. Was really about all the different crystals to do with Resonance. The story follows on from the first book and the adventurers continue on there quest to gather the skulls of Meridia to try and save there home. I thought the second book was much better. No getting to know characters helped with the pace, so you can just read and read through the adventure without getting bogged down. The action was brilliant, I thought some of the scenes were well spliced together! Not all goes well for Maledream and Angelite throughout the adventure, and some shocking things happen to most of the characters in this. Much grittier! Loved it. Sorry I'm not brilliant at reviews :( but I really liked this book and I went on to read the 3rd straight away :) this isn't a standard adventure... this series really does feel like it belongs in its own genre. I've not come across anything else like it.
  • Echo, Vol. III (Approaching the Dark Age Series) on Sep. 05, 2013

    You have to start reading this series or you're missing out. It was after reading this 3rd episode that made me come back on here to write up some reviews for this one and the second one. I thought Resonance was brilliant, Orchestra was better, and Echo was just even more so. Matthew's imagination is wonderful. He has filled his series with so much life. The end of Orchestra was a bit of a cliffhanger but as Echo's already out it was no big deal. I thought it was an excellent start to the 3rd book, and I really did wonder where the story was taking me. I wasn't disapointed. I loved the new Anunaki characters that spring up during the book. One thing I must say is that Matthew does have a sinister imagination in places, and in others it takes me completely by surprise! Maledream and his companions learn alot more about each other, and their abilities just go up and up, but in a realistic way. Some funny happenings are spread about, and this just adds to the entertainment value. I can't understand why this series isn't taking off?? I would love to see this as a series on TV or as a movie. It has everything ranging from colourful characters, landscapes, and really well described bad guys. Read this series! get to it! Sorry I'm not so great at reviewing :(