Faith Friese Whitehead


I'm a mother and a wife. I’ve also been a writer my entire life but it wasn’t until recent years that I actually called myself a writer.

In the 1960's, when I was in high school, I wrote lots of poetry, mostly about falling in and out of love.

While in college, I wrote a novel, but I couldn’t get it published. I earned an accounting degree from California State University, but it was writing that seemed to entice me, so it was no surprise that I ended up in sales where I wrote sales proposals, brochures and catalogs, etc. I also wrote a biweekly company newsletter at an engineering company.

During the early 1990’s, I started a business, selling on the internet that I ran out of my home. I wrote lots of product descriptions during this time. When we closed down the business, I knew I had to find something to replace the business because the business had taken a lot of time and I was used to being busy.

So, in 2007, when I was 56 years old, I started to learn how to write screenplays. I returned to writing creatively and reignited that love. My plans are to continue writing screenplays and to also write another novel, and another, and another…

What helps me most when I write is the variety of experiences I've accumulated over the years. I draw from my past when I write.

I've been a dancer and a musician. I've sold shoes and worked as a waitress. I was a Budget Manager at a University, an Executive Administrator at an engineering company, and I had my own business for over ten years. I've visited Spain. I've walked naked on a nude beach. And I've lived in Wisconsin, Texas, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Want to know something about me and my past? When I was ten years old I had plastic surgery on my ears. I was the oldest child in a family with five kids. My father was bi-polar. My mother is a cancer survivor.

I could go on and on. All these experiences make me who I am. Each moment of my past influences my writing in some way.


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