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I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. My parents however were both born and raised in Latvia and as such, I was raised as a Latvian in New Carlisle, Ohio where I lived from the age of two until the age of 18.

I actually began my writing career by contemplating the idea of writing a fictional story, although to this point my experience was limited to the technical writing arena. Interestingly I did not consider myself a fictional reader, however, I had a story in mind and decided to write it. The story eventually titled and published as “The Jungle" deals with an archeological discovery deep in the jungles of Brazil and involved the KGB, CIA, and Brazilian Drug Cartel.

As I began writing, the urge to continue writing became rather overwhelming and I found I could do nothing else but write. Everything about me revolved around this story and an indescribable urge to write. It was as though I was somehow trying to make up for lost time. However, as soon as I completed it, I simply put it away in a box and never thought about it again. There was no real desire at the time to get the story published.

After a short stay with American Trans Air as a technical buyer in Indianapolis Indiana, I decided to enter the field of Law Enforcement. As fate would have it, about a year later, the department procured a light twin engine Piper Aztec for law enforcement use at which point, I was assigned as the Chief Pilot, which included crew training, management, and of course flying the aircraft. The aircraft was used for administrative transportation and law enforcement missions, to include surveillance and prisoner extradition. I was also a road supervisor Sergeant and certified hostage negotiator.

During this period, I began to write articles for Air Beat magazine, a law enforcement periodical dedicated to law enforcement aviation. Before long I was again contributing articles on a monthly basis. This is the time that my desire to write once again surfaced, and with a fury! To this day I cannot explain where or why that feeling overcame me, but it did, and there was no suppressing it! I knew I wanted to write but I didn’t know what to write about. Then one day in early 1995, I was in my basement looking for something. As I moved a box out of my way, it fell on its side. What fell out was that manuscript that I had written so many years ago. With a sense of detached curiosity, I took the now stained and worn manuscript upstairs to my den and read it. The story itself was good but the writing style left little to be desired. No Problem I thought. I’d just try to re-write it, and re-write it I did. I worked on that story both day and night, many nights waking up with an idea and rather than wait until morning, found myself behind my keyboard, pounding my heart out at all hours of the night, filling the pages with idea after idea. As soon as I completed it, I asked some close friends to read it. The response was “You have got to get this published!” So, I did. The story was quickly accepted and published by Commonwealth Publications based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada - a separate story in itself.

During the publication process I began working on the sequels to “The Jungle Part I”, “The Jungle Part II” and “The Jungle Part III”. Before the two sequels could be published however, Commonwealth Publications filed for bankruptcy. In another twist of fate, a new fledgling publisher, Picasso Publications bought Commonwealths inventory and I was contacted by them asking if I would sign on with them, as they wanted to publish my two sequels. The Jungle Part II and The Jungle Part III were then both published in 1997. The books were beginning to draw attention with endorsements from General Chuck Yeager, WWII Triple Ace, Colonel Bud Anderson, and Prelude Pictures, who asked me to write the screenplay to Part I. But once again, Picasso Publications struggled with the industry, and I found myself in a difficult position. Do I continue with this struggling publisher, or do I cut the ties now and attack the industry from a different angle? I cut the ties.

It was about this time, in late 1997, that I was offered a position as a pilot for a charter company in Indianapolis. Even though I loved the work as a Deputy Sheriff, a new administration had been elected and the future of the department’s aircraft division was bleak and eventually disbanded. I remained on the department as a road deputy and Sergeant for a short time until accepting the position with the charter company, where I flew King Air turbo-props as well as Lear Jets. I did however maintain my police powers by working part-time as a Deputy Constable as well as volunteering my assistance to the Sheriff’s Department. Also during this time, I continued my work on another unrelated action/adventure fictional story titled, The Lost But Not Forgotten, a story about a jetliner that crashes deep in the Canadian wilderness and the survivors that not only defy the laws of nature by surviving, but by building their town - one which is still in existence today. I completed the story toward the end of 1997 and placed it in my “For later file”. I knew someday it would be published but when or with whom remained a mystery. I then formulated a plan. Let “The Jungle” trilogy die for about one to two years, publish “The Lost But Not Forgotten”, and follow that with the re-publication of “The Jungle” trilogy. The planned two-year goal of re-publishing turned into ten. “The Lost But Not Forgotten” according to plan, was released in mid to late March of 2003 but “The Jungle” obviously took a little longer. Finally, after this recent re-release of The Jungle; - 2nd Edition - I published another unrelated action/adventure novel titled "Freedom of Choice", which I originally wrote as a screenplay and is registered with the Writer's Guild West in Hollywood, California.

I am asked many times where my imaginative stories come from and I can honestly say I really do not know! I cannot explain my story ideas other than I write about things that I have both experienced and things that interest me. With a long military, aviation -both fixed wing as well as helicopter experience, coupled with my law enforcement background, my stories revolve around things of adventure. I am also asked about my influences, which I reply with “I don’t really have a definable influence”. I write because that is what I truly enjoy, and if others are willing to share in my imagination, I invite them to read my stories. This is the only reason I publish my works. I am currently working on my next project.

Smashwords Interview

How do you approach cover design?
I typically design my own cover because I know the story better than a cover design artist could, not that they don't add value to a book. They most certainly do. The cover is extremely important although as we've all heard before " You can't judge a book by its cover." However, the cover must visually tell something about the topic, or story in my case. Does the cover work? Remove the title and author's name from the cover. Does it tell part of your story?
When did you first start writing?
I actually wrote my first story when I was about ten years old. I still remember most of it. In fact, I recently completed writing another screenplay and used a part of that story in my screenplay. Some things never get old. Funny how that works sometimes.
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