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Hello, I suppose this is the introductory paragraph where I tell random strangers on the internet my life
story. Not too little for I'd seem cold and distant. Not too much for I'd be labeled as one of "those" girls
who fills their Facebook profile up with selfies and complains about a bad hair day despite their hair being
what some may classify as "near perfect."

Out of both these scenarios I'd personally prefer to take the first one, however appearing to any reader as cold and distant
would of course be a negative side effect I'd rather not have on my online reputation. So, after much contemplating I've decided
to tell you not of my personal life but instead of my life in the world of fantasy us human frequently find ourselves indulged in.

It's human nature to be attracted by the impossible, no, improbable things that happen in the realm of fantasy. We long for a world of excitement that these stories have brought to us, yet know that it'll never happen in our world which we perceive as reality. But nonetheless I've taken it upon me to break the walls reality has taken away from our childhood daydreams and create fantasy worlds that have the very essence of our own reality laced into them.

I wish to create stories that are not far-fetched or ridiculous. I'll strive to make my stories have the most realistic elements of human nature incorporated in them. And I promise I won't hesitate to make my words represent the darkest and lightest aspects of humanity's own per-programmed psychology.

I may not be the world's greatest or the world's worst, but the "I" that I refer to myself as is the only existence I'll ever know. I believe I was not created in this world to let my voice be surpassed by the seven billion other inhabitants, so I'll use this small window of opportunity the internet has given me to let my words be shown to the world.

Thank you for reading.
- Viala Rozens


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