Smashwords book reviews by FantasyLiving

  • Friends and Lovers at Christmas (Romancing Liam, Book 1) on Feb. 01, 2015

    This was a fun, sexy read with enough in it to not feel like such a short story. I enjoyed everything that was going on, and the short erotic scenes were yummy. I was a but confused about Frankie's sudden interest in Liam. There didn't seem to be any indication prior to the crisis that caused Frankie to reveal his feelings. It pulled me out of the story, and didn't feel quite so believable to me. I felt the pressure Liam was under to make a snap decision during a crisis (never a good time for major decisions), and I felt it took away from the flow of the story. I will be reading the second installment though. I think I'll enjoy it more now that the groundwork has been laid.
  • Solitude of Stars on April 13, 2015

    I received a complementary copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review 3.75 Stars rounded up to 4 This story was a great start for new to me author Demi R. Idle. I am a lover of Bisexual menage erotica and this definitely hit all the right notes for me. The BDSM was a nice lead-in to the deeper levels of this Menage. I enjoyed the description of the rope bondage, and the impact play. I am a little disappointed that there wasn't more descriptions of anal-play, or of Ariane's first anal experience. For the big deal that was made in the beginning of the story, I wanted to share the experience. Be that as it may, there were plenty of other erotic experiences that were shared, and I thoroughly enjoyed. The dynamics between the characters were great. Aoi is a really light, fun, character, with an edginess that is sexy, and Shun balances him out with his seriousness, and sensibility. It was enjoyable to see that Shun also had a sense of humour when he felt safe to express that. Ariane's denial of who she is annoyed me, but only insofar as we KNOW who she is by what we are shown, and we want her to catch up to what we see. There were a few surprises that both delighted, and saddened me. Shun's relationship with Aoi is complex in nature, and there is a lot more that needed to come out. I felt like their story wasn't finished, and it needs to be told. Not much was given regarding Ari's previous relationship, but it was an integral part of what shaped her into accepting Shun and Aoi as they were. I felt that more time should have been given to that growth. The grammar was a bit stilted, which slowed down my reading a little. It didn't flow smoothly in some places. I'm not sure it was intended (or maybe it was) for the narrator to give the illusion that English is a second language. I understand this was inspired by Japanese stories, and I felt that inspiration, but because the MC was from UK, I expected the narrator's voice to flow a little better. I definitely enjoyed this story, and will be on the lookout for more from this author. Recommended for those who enjoy some BDSM, M/M, M/m/f, and M/f/m Review also on Goodreads