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  • StarFire on Nov. 18, 2012

    Yet another great book from Mike Lee. StarFire is a takeaway from Mike's previous book, Fey, where we learned that Vince Lombard left the Galactic Marines under rather unusual circumstances—it seems Vince destroyed the biggest, baddest space ship ever built after they sent him to check out its status. Oops. StarFire takes Vince's backstory from Fey and expands it. The switching back and forth between Vince's interrogation and the search mission is written and paced perfectly. The amazing details (like how if you need to talk to each other in the vacuum of space you need to touch helmets together - or what happens if the gravity on a boarding ship doesn't match the gravity of the ship being boarded) that Mike Lee thinks of add tremendously to the story. And if you thought the romantic friction between Vince and Lauren Callaway (Blondie) was well written in Fey, wait until you see the tension build between Vince and Lieutenant Linda Tillman. Mike Lee has written yet another solid fast-reading book that grabs your attention and keeps it engaged until the satisfying conclusion.