Father Louis George Dupuis B.A. M.A. S.T.L


Father Dupuis is a very senior and beloved missionary priest, who has been involved in organizing parish renewals for some sixty years now. He has worked in over 82 countries, speaks several languages, and has friends all over the world. Father Dupuis has been particularly active in Mexico, Canada, the US, Brazil and Argentina. Many of his books in Spanish will soon be translated and available through Smashwords.

Today, at age 90, Father Dupuis is actively evangelizing through the modern communications technology. He maintains a Facebook blog, which he writes every Friday, and he also teaches through Skype classes. He continues his work with parish missions and group retreats, especially confirmation retreats.

All through his long and illustrious career, Father Dupuis has always helped others to find Jesus and understand their Catholic faith. In this book on Apostolic Succession, he gives clear explanations and detailed support to help everyone understand the doctrine of Jesus as preached by the apostles and their legitimate successors (i Cor 15, 1-2)

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