Smashwords book reviews by FatherZed

  • Beast-Banged Schoolgirl and the Werewolf's Knot on Jan. 17, 2020

    A werewolf going all out on a petite yet sexy magical school girl? The title alone practically sold it to me before reading the summary. In all seriousness it was an interesting read, while very short, with a promise of even more exciting times to follow. I just would of loved it even more if there was more to the content involving the principal or even if there was an actual scene with the roommate helping our girl with "cleaning up".
  • Cop's First Beastbang on Jan. 28, 2020

    While definitely an intriguing setup for this world and the reasoning behind our girl's dark desires to be conquered, though not entirely original, I had to say that it was a bit of a disappointing read because of how short it was. Also, as far as I'm aware the whole promise of "more fun" from the two students doesn't actually happen in a separate title. An interesting start of this series, but could of been more exciting if was a bit longer, especially if it would of followed the promise by the boys.
  • Beginnings - Duster Volume 1: A Superheroine-in-Peril Story Collection on Feb. 25, 2020

    After being introduced to the Mistress of the Wind over on Amazon, it was amazing to see that even more stories were available on here and even more amazing that these stories contained her earlier adventures that establish her existence in this world. Comparing Duster to other well known heroines in this particular genre, such as Ms. Patriot and Ms. Amazing, I found it refreshing for the author to have created such a detailed and explicit peril story and work it out to end on a somewhat good note, especially when the heroine is made out to be likeable.
  • The Panther-Woman. Raped in the Alley on March 09, 2020

    I really wracked my brain on this one and decided to be a bit generous with the rating since it did provide a sense of potential, but ultimately the execution ended up being the downfall. The real main issue came about with just how weak of a character our heroine actually was. From the summary we are led to believe that Panther-Woman is this tough, feisty, and sexual mature woman who has a number of wins to her name which would result in the thief being afraid in the opening paragraph. However, after her comical fall and a couple of good punches she ends up caving in like an untrained novice that just put on a a sex super heroine costume and this was her first attempt at heroing. Plus, the fact that really no action other than the comical fail and nothing but one giant sexual encounter made it feel like one of those Superheroine-in-Peril videos you find on your favorite adult site where it runs for ten minutes and the first two minutes is just to introduce the supposedly strong heroine and defeat her and the next eight minutes is all "sexy time". The only other issue was the overall setup of the story and how it would of been better to actually show the audience that she is as skilled as advertised only for her overconfidence to end up having her caught off-guard leading to the "sexy time" but also have her actually try to resist then leading her to give in because of the threat of violence or even death. Even the decision of the thief to take her right their instead of finding a vacant/abandoned spot seemed kind of a weird choice. Finally, between the un-needed chapter breaks and even a bit lacking in the detail of the erotic content finishes the book off. Though these last issues were minor, it was the first two that caused it to suffer.
  • The Panther Woman. Spanked at the Warehouse on March 10, 2020

    So, once again the issues that I addressed from the first book play a part once again to make something potentially good into something disappointing. However, this time it felt like this was a lot better put together thus giving us something that at least genuinely earned its rating instead of being given pity for at least the effort of trying to make something fun to read. However, much like last time, we still are given an extremely weak superheroine that doesn't match with how she has been described with still no knowledge of the world she exists in and no idea to her origins and identity. Yet, I really liked the continuity what with being a direct sequel from the last story unlike most peril stories and we a potentially interesting villain instead of a everyday criminal. Although, the fact that she's labeled as another thief was lackluster to something like a female criminal going after attractive women for the purpose of dominating and humiliating and possibly even more. Finally, the erotic content felt a bit better two, especially with the theme of domination playing a major role where a bit of violence felt better used instead of the previous book.
  • The Panther Woman. Total Humiliation on March 11, 2020

    I'm actually quite surprised by the turn of events as the misadventures of Panther Woman trudges on. I believe that since this a continutation of the previous story with the next one continuing on from here that it appears to be a bit better. Although once again we still have a very weak superheroine with barely putting up a real struggle and we still don't know the actual plans and reasonings involved with the villainess. Plus, it seemed that this book was a bit smaller than the previous book, which was kind of disappointing to not have a bit more erotic content or even utilize some more kinks/fetishes.
  • Bred by the Werewolf God on April 03, 2020

    I essentially loved the story, which in truth feels likes a porn parody of Doctor Strange. Yet, much like the other stories it just feels a little disappointing on how it isn't quite explicit and extreme the erotic content is given the taboo these works center around. Personally, I would of loved a little extra length to expound on the Werelord truly taming our girl leading up to the birthing of her first liter and finally ending with him tossing the broken girl to his children to enjoy his slop. Overall, however, that doesn't detract from how well written this and every other story is and still how stimulating the taboo content still is. Also, anyone confused by the goddess Artemis should read the series centered around her fall from grace.
  • Bottles Up Sleeping Sister’s Pussy: Too Drunk to Care on April 03, 2020

    Short, hot, and sinfully incestuous that lead me to my only problem with the book, and that was me just wanting more.
  • Size Queen on June 02, 2020

    Once again I found another interesting read from Miss E.Z., taking on the form of a parody of Pacific Rim, and yet once again I was left a little disappointed in the short length once again and just how lacking in detail the erotic scenes are. Otherwise, compared to the other stories this seemed to be more interesting with the add dynamics of the relationship between Jill and her mother and how its affected by Jill's actions during the Kaiju battle and future battles.
  • Brat-Woman & Brat-girl: Defeated by the Wicked DúO!! on June 02, 2020

    What can I say other then that we once again are giving superheroines that, while advertised as being strong and successful, are so weak it makes the experience just depressing. While compared to the tales of Panther Woman, though it seems to get a bit better as time goes on, at least this story has a bit more solid plot and world building. Heck even the characters are a bit better. Although, the erotic content was a bit lacking yet enough to be a little titillating.