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  • Quillon's Covert on May 12, 2016

    This is a beautiful story about the love of a father and son.. how boundaries get put aside of love. The inner struggling with whats right and want is wrong and what feels right too.. I loved this book a great story which I can recommend to our collection.
  • Trucker and Pup on May 20, 2016

    Ok people this one is a must read.. I fell into love with both of these characters. Joey and Kelvin's story was absolutely beautiful to read. Mr. Hunt is an amazing author. Sweet Joey is wanting to please his master but he's been in an abusive partner before. He's always admired trucker, Kevin having a secret crush, but with his ex still lurking around he's terrified. 10 out of 10..
  • Snapped Into Submission on July 20, 2016

    I absolutely LOVED this book..Jack has written a beautiful story about Gareth and Ralph that I fell in love with them. I loved their characters, sweet Gareth longs of a knight to rescue him from his fantasy's. While shopping in the cheese section in a supermarket a dark voice wakes him from his day dreaming. Ralph is a photographer and approaches Gareth for a modeling job. Sizzling attraction is there for both but can it last. Highly recommend this and all of Jack Brighton's books.. Brilliant.
  • The Full Service on July 20, 2016

    Another fantastic book from Mr Brighton. The story of Chuck and Ewan is hotter than hot. Steamy scenes with these two are sizzling. Ewan thought moving back home to help out his mum would be boring for his sex life. With no other options until his car wouldn't start that is. Big bad Chuck is stuck helping his uncle out for awhile hankers for some love'n.. The two are a match made in a mechanic shop.. lol. Highly recommended
  • B for Bondage on July 22, 2016

    A great story about the lessons of bondage and doing ones class studying. Ally is a student who sees his latest grades posted for his history test. He's furious at his teacher Mr Baxter for giving him such a grade. A D minus is not a pass he needs or wants, he gathers courage to talk to is teacher to discus his failure grade. Gareth has always had his students passing class but that was until Alasdair flunked. Surprised to hear Ally was wanting to talk about it they made a time to meet up. When they meet Gareth was prepared to offer his own practical test. Ally desperately wants a B grade but is he willing to go though with it or fail. A Hot Read.
  • The Prince and the Pirate on Aug. 01, 2021

    A fantastic book with heavy triggers.. A great start to the book as baby Daya and his family make a new beginning on the mountains. Fast forward and now older Daya is out in the world proving himself a man. An adventure until Daya sees Alastar and the two form a bond. This is Not an easy book to read and not for the faint hearted. scenes of death and murder and rape. I tried to read this but I got to a point I couldn't read further with the triggers. I would've given this book a big 5 star as I loved the feelings and emotions coming from the characters. I loved Daya and poor Alastar as they'd formed a bond together. Daya was a cat shifter with a special birth mark just like his mum. At now 20 Daya wanted to be a scout but being a prince he had to get around the queens rules first. The pirates are the bad people who loved stealing from them. Alastar was nothing like his father and the rest of the pirates raping and killing innocents.