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Francis O'Neill writes about self-development and spiritual health matters. He currently has two books available: 1. Life and Death: Making Sense of It 2.Steps to Health, Wealth and Inner Peace. Others are planned.


I was born in Ringville on the south coast of Ireland, but grew up and have spent most of my life in England. In context, I was raised as a Roman Catholic but I became a fully-signed up atheist/existentialist by my late teens/early twenties. This has become germane to my journey, my beliefs, and the direction of my writing.

At that time I went on to spend most of my Sundays racing motorcycles instead of going to church. Certainly it was more fun than church and saying Hail Mary's as I recall – although there were moments on the track when prayer seemed a good option.

Road to Damascus Experience

I would have continued on in my comfortable non-spiritual direction except for one or two paranormal experiences that rocked my boat at the time. Also seeing UFOs on a number of occasions didn't help to maintain the notion that everything that didn't fit into our modern secular paradigm could be explained away by science as nonsense. The cruncher, I describe as my "Road to Damascus" experience, was while reading a book by Carl Jung. What a home-coming that was...

From that point on I sought to understand life from a spiritual perspective. In my studies I was still ploughing through books based upon reductionist and mechanistic thinking, but now I was also looking into all kinds of "fringe" topics.

These included a serious study of astrology – even taking diplomas in it. Although I don't mention it that much in Life and Death – Making Sense of It, astrology has become the foundation stone for much of my understanding of how life works.


Work-wise I have spent a good chunk of my life in archaeology, supervising rescue excavations (mostly prehistoric or Roman) in the UK. Later I went into teaching. I also ran an astrology practice alongside.

I'm now at a point where my writing is my main focus. As indicated, at the front of the book, I plan to write more on philosophical and spiritual matters very close to my heart – and indeed I have my next book in the pipeline right now.

My driver for writing is to be of service. To offer an alternative, sometimes challenging, view on our lives; why we are here and, importantly, what we can do to get our spiritual act into gear.


Francis has written a lot shorter works, articles mainly, dealing with the area of topics akin to self-development and spiritual health. Some were published years back, in magazines such as Linkup, Kindred Spirit and (Matthew Manning's) Attitudes magazine. He has also written IT user guides, and IT articles.

You can find articles written by him on hs websites: and Also check out Twitter @FrancisEONeill and @SomeInspired.

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Steps To Health, Wealth & Inner Peace
Price: $2.55 USD. Words: 17,230. Language: British English. Published: February 17, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / Success, Nonfiction » New Age » Meditation
This easy to read book is a self-development guide packed full of all the tools you need to get all fired-up and get healthier, wealthier and find inner peace – indeed make a success of your life.

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