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Sharyn Ferns is an Australian author, top sex blogger, beach dweller, and avid reader. Passionate about what she does, her books are truth-driven, fierce, and original.

She is lucky enough to live at the beach where she listens to the surf while she writes. She says it really is just as idyllic as it sounds.

Her writing about female dominance and male submission is largely a reaction to the fact that when she started out exploring BDSM some 20 years ago, she struggled to find stories that reflected her experiences and desires: Passion-driven relationships full of love and affection and incredible hotness.

She started writing about her own D/s adventures on her award winning sex blog,, and now she is sharing her experiences in her books.

Her hope is that the way she writes about D/s and BDSM play and relationships is something that people can relate to. She'd like those who are just curious to think it sounds like insanely hot fun and to have the information they need to wade in, and those who are experienced to nod at times in recognition and say 'Yes! THAT!'.

You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about her on her blog ( where you will also find links to her other social media accounts where she obsessively over-shares.

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