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Smashwords book reviews by Justineo

  • Behind Those Eyes: A Vampire Novella on March 15, 2011

    I gotta say, I did not enjoy this. Soz V.J. it's just that, true it's a novella and it's not supposed to be very long or have much detail, but this was so flat! Maybe it's just me and I'm seeing the lightness as a lack of detail, but it's very much as if I was waiting for it while it built up and then I must have blinked and the "climax" was over! To be honest, I only read this because it was V.J. who wrote it and I am and always have been in love with Jasazel (get away Kieran). I read the plot and wasn't gonna read it, but why turn down a free book? Finally, I think V.J. should stick to full length novels because her strength is in the complexity and in-depth thorough weaving of the plot, which is not possible in a novella.