Fiona Tarr


If you are an open minded person of faith, philosophy or sociology then you and I will likely have a lot in common. I enjoy listening to and discussing different perspectives on life, love, faith and hope and love writing fantasy which is fast paced and thought provoking.

I am a small business owner, wife, mum, advocate, mentor and entrepreneur. When I am not writing I am either kitesurfing, stand up paddle surfing, travelling or volunteering in some capacity. I love cheese, chocolate and living a creative life.

I plan on releasing a new fantasy novel every year for as long as I possibly can and I always appreciate legitimate feedback so please don't forget to review my work when you have read it.

It turns out writing is in the blood. My Great Uncle was George Johnston (My Brother Jack) and although I don't claim to have his renowned literary style, I do write a mean fantasy novel.

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
David Gemmell is by far my most favourite author of heroic fantasy. He always managed to find the grey area in the ultimate fight between good and evil. I especially like it that each book is a contained story. I often have limited time to read and being able to finish a story without having to wait for the next book to come out is great.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
That is a hard one. I think inspires is really the wrong word. My work ethic gets me out of bed every morning. I hate mornings. The smell of coffee can get me out of bed too. If I am trying to sleep in, my mind invariably gets me out of bed as it starts rambling to me about all the things I need to do. Writing does not inspire me to get out of bed. I get out of bed to get through all the things I have to do, so I can find time to do the things I love to do; writing being one of those things.
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