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  • Bob Moore: No Hero on Jan. 10, 2011

    This is a fast, fun, imaginative and highly enjoyable read! I adored many of the character descriptions (esp. Ted, Liz and Mr. Flame-dude). I think my only gripe is that I would have liked to have kept reading! But that's a very good "problem" to have, no? The writing style is punchy and clever; the dialogue is believable and well-voiced; and the overall tone is humorous and witty while also having very poignant moments and some instances of very touching heartache. Not every question about this alternate, super power-filled world is answered, yet it is very easy to suspend one's disbelief and come to view this world through Bob's eyes. The fascinating social structure and somewhat stunted level of technology raise interesting questions about what our own world might be like if super powered beings had appeared some 30 years ago. It is the characters that drive this story though, and they are engaging, well-formed and believable. Bob is skilled and intelligent, but he still represents the "every man" in a world of unimaginably powerful and largely unaccountable super-beings. And through all of it, it is a truly human experience, which motivates Bob and allows the reader to empathize with him and understand his flawed decisions and actions. Highly recommended!