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Flipside is a company made up of a team of editors, artists, and ebook production personnel providing a wide array of services, from manuscript development to distribution. We created Flipreads.com, the Philippines' first operational ebookstore. To date, it carries hundreds of titles from various authors and publishing houses in the Philippines and abroad.

Though Flipside Publishing Services, Inc. (FPSI) was incorporated in November 2011, we’ve had more than a decade of experience in ebook production, working with some of the biggest names in the international publishing scene through our parent company, Flipside Digital Content. With our expertise and longtime involvement in the industry, we aim to widen access to Asian titles both in the regional and global markets and help local publishers and independent authors meet international standards in ebook production and retailing.

Flipside began as an advocacy to empower local publishers and cultivate reading in this age of digital revolution. In its early days, it published content from university presses, starting with publications from the College of Arts and Letters of the University of the Philippines. It has since gone on to publish titles in various genres, especially fiction and graphic fiction, creative nonfiction, and scholarly works.

Today, Flipside is recognized as the leading publisher of ebooks in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region.

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