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  • The Other Guy on Nov. 02, 2012

    A very lovely story with clever and likable lead characters. I felt for Emory James - why do bad things happen to good people? In this case it's because if it didn't, he wouldn't meet Mr. Right, a handsome and charming stranger who is everything a sad, lonely and recently dumped Mr. James needs. Cary Attwell has written a sensitive story of being loved and the complications because of this love.There are times this book made me cry - how can someone not love their children unconditionally? When this happens it is painfully well done. I really enjoyed this book and found it genuine, and heartfelt. Also, did I mention how smart and funny it is? Well there, I just did!
  • Something Like Winter on Feb. 17, 2013

    This was such a good read. Jay Bell is an excellent writer who tells a great story. I liked all the characters- some more flawed then others but always real. A complicated story of love with lot's of angst but ultimately a satisfying ending. Coming out may be hard but not coming out could ruin your chance of happiness. It almost did Tim's- read the book and find out what happens. It's a great ride.