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  • Young Miss and Her Maid on June 24, 2021

    I love Melissa DuVants modern writing style. All of her books feel somehow like erotic dreams (or nighmares) and where you think "oh no, this is not going to happen" and it happens anyway as if it were the most normal thing in the world. In this book it is about chastity, maids and training. About the unfortunate Miss Anna, who is being trained by her maid to be perfect and pure. No matter how much she wants to touch herself… Her freedoms are swiftly curtailed and she is locked into a chastity belt and her frustration grows. There are also the undermaids, who are themselves being trained, who like to further torment their “mistress”. Sort of a role reversal, because the mistress doe not have a lot of authority in this book. The story covers her growing sexual frustration, as well as the head maid training her in obedience and submission. There’s a lot of fem-dom, maid and school uniforms, some touches of latex and a lot of chastity, combined with some bits and pieces of other fetishes. It’s not too dark or nasty, although there are a few stings throughout. Recommended for fans of fem-dom chastity training and maids!