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Jim Smith
Latest book: The Truth Of Being... And other shit. Published April 21, 2016. (4.50 from 2 reviews)

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  • The Truth Of Being... And other shit on May 07, 2017

    Not since 'Drugstore Cowboy' has the suburban alchemist had a road map to the thrills, spills and misadventure of our everyday lives. Jim Smith takes us on a 'warts and all' journey through his personal quest to gain and share enlightenment. From breaking out the chemistry set to produce his homemade psychotropic's, to finding love, to exposing big pharma Mr. Smith uncovers the dangers, the cruelty and the unparalleled bias of our society in his unapologetic elbow to the nose style. Mr. Smith puts his balls on the table and dares you to examine them in this original roller coaster ride of high's, lows, irony and humour. The brutal honesty of this book will captivate, enrage and enamour the reader in equal dose, if you ever thought there must be more to the human experience than this then this is the book for you! Go on read it, you know you want to!