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A painting, wind whispering through trees, droplet of rain, snowflake on eyelashes: all can stir my imagination!

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  • Lady Gwendolyn on July 25, 2013

    Vivid imagery with words set the scene and pace for this mediaeval portrayal of abduction, extreme gallantry of knights, and the sheer bravery of one woman who masquerades as the titled Lady Gwendolyn. For when the titled lady’s caravan comes under merciless attack en route betwixt England and Scotland, she makes good on her chance at escape. Nonetheless, faced with unknown perils and uncertainty of reaching a safe haven she battles onward ever fearful the enemy are close at hand. Whilst men at arms rally in the hunt to find the Lady Gwendolyn, flirtatious encounters in the past and attractions along the way tell the story of hearts lost and regained. And even a captive wench is not entirely immune to her captor’s attentions. This is not so much a tale of right and wrong and that of black and white situations as might be expected of a Knightly Campaign, for Ms Belle explores the dilemmas of trust, loyalty and romance and ventures to grey areas in the giving of a heart in unexpected circumstance. Meanwhile, the other expected HEAs indeed run true to legends of romance and chivalry, which renders Lady Gwendolyn as a thoroughly delightful read. If you’re unfamiliar with mediaeval jargon the footnotes provided will enlighten.