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  • Torl's Journey on March 31, 2012

    Great fun. Mr. Lee has an interesting style that draws you in and holds your attention. I could not put this book down, every time I had to set it aside for a while, all I could think of was when could I get back to the story. The characters were believeable and the action was great. Like all good books, when I reached the end, I felt satisfied, but really wanted to read more.
  • Rebuilding A Legacy on March 31, 2012

    Picks up right where Torl's Journey left off. Another great novel that I could not put down. Mr. Lee has become one of my favorite authors. I consumed this book like one cosumes a great desert, and came away satisfied, but wanting more. Outstanding work.
  • End of an Era on April 24, 2012

    Awesome, action packed tale of the lives of Torl & Lia's parents, and the great Trali. It really brings the series together providing answers to many of the questions that the first two books cause you to ask.