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  • Untried Heart on March 23, 2018

    This is the first novel I have read by either of these ladies and I have to say I really liked it, it’s so different to anything I have read before and it’s an enchanting tale of finding love when you least expect and being able to move on after life has been rough to you. It’s a great story about second chances. During the 20’s when Eugenie is a young woman who has her whole life a head of her, she has a terrible accident and dies. Fast forward eighty years and she is a Guardian Angel in training and her first real case where she actually gets to communicate with people instead of just watching is to help Benjamin Davis. Her Guardian Angel boss; Michael suspects that deep down inside this shy young woman there is some one worth paying attention to, he sees her potential like no one ever has. He gives her the opportunity not just to step up in her GA role but to also for a short period of time actually live and experience life something she has never been able to do. When she was alive she was practically a doormat to her demanding parents and in her death she was just floating from one department to another never knowing her place. As Ben and Eugenie begin to get closer, she soon starts to see him as more than just a case and more as a man in need of a little love and soon her feelings for him grows. It’s so heart-warming seeing them both start to learn about not only each other but about themselves too. Eugenie missed out on so much not just because she died very young but while she was a live she missed out on her younger years and watching as she starts to live is very lovely, especially when you can see her falling in love with him. Untired Heart is so fresh and new, it is a story that at first seems a bit too out there but once you begin to read it and get to know Ben and Eugenie as people it is tender, unique and thoughtful take on the romance genre and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nicky Charles and Jan Gordan have created a beautifully written and charming romance about two characters who you genuinely take an interest in and care about, and it is one that I can very much recommend. An interesting and loving story and a series I’m looking forward to reading more of.