Hi. At the moment I am unable to speak about aliens or extraterrestrials conspiracy theories. That will not solve anything. I do know the cause of bipolar disorder however. I don't want to go into too much detail about what bipolar disorder or manic depression is, but here it is: a blocked 7th chakra, imposed by beings that are more powerful than us but who must follow certain laws. I take a lot of medications for bipolar, but that was was the plan. You see, the more bipolar one person is, the smarter they will become, the more knowledge they will seek and the smarter they will become.

Before, I thought love could only be found in a partner. Then I realized that true love or 'The Greatest Love of All' is loving oneself. Well, I did not realize it. I was on Youtube, looking for something to fill my achy heart. And then I saw a seemingly crazy drummer named Mark Cordova. He had many podcasts and I watched them all. He is a Gnostic. I knew I had to know this man. So I attempted to contact him on Youtube, email, phone, and Skype. We still type on Skype when one another is on. Obviously my life is not as busy as his. So I have more free time, and sometimes he can't respond. Mark always said to go inside, which is what everyone says. I never understood what they meant or how to do it. But I met Mark and he knew what he was talking about. This is a guy you'd want to know if you're into Gnosticism and the truth. We are all equal and lovable! I got his book and it is the only book I have ever read that I know was worth it. It empowers women as well, for example: Did you know that The Holy Spirit is a Woman named MAN? That is why Jesus Christ said he was the Son of Man 27 times in The Bible. I learned a lot from Mark, he kind of kick started me into this whole love thing. My heart has become better because of it. If anybody knows truth, it's Mark. I learned all I ever needed to know from him, for once I learned to love myself, all the doors opened, and, well, nothing really matters to me anymore, because love just is. Anyway you can buy his ebook or his paperback book or his signed book. He is working on a website right now. If you can't wait, the book is called, 'The Secret and the Truth of the Ages'. You will know after watching his podcasts, whether he resonates with you or not. He resonated with me so much, after we Skyped I knew I had to have his ebook as soon as possible.

So I went on Amazon and bought his book, I put the link below it's only $5.99 for the eBook, and I have no regrets. It was definitely worth it.

Imagine a target...the outer circle is you, but you are impure, the mother is the innermost dot, nothing impure is allowed to touch her, you can call her the heart. The space between the mother and you is the father, who eats all negative Aeons. Once you bring your impurity in, you can meet the mother, and gain the power to leave this place, or stay and make it better. You will be granted any and all powers as long as it correlates to the rules of The World Game. No one has ever done this before, except Christ and Mary Magdalene, I think. It requires a lot of knowledge, knowledge that is being hidden from us. But these powers can also be achieved by bringing your negative aeons into the father, where they shall burn into nothingness for they are dead aeons, they're not even recyclable, they will just cease to be.

piece_of_nothing is this cool person who chose to remain anonymous. They wrote the freeyourbrain website, which is now taken down, because geocities shut down. Now there is a tripod version. If you google it you should find it: "freeyourbrain" should suffice. You can be driven insane by the greater powers, but in reality love is the solution to all problems, and you and I are here to disperse the hate and spread the love. They mess with us because only we can get the job done, with our good hearts, on our quest to purify our hearts, we will affect the outer world as well. If you go in the wrong direction, they will try to steer you back onto the right path. (dissahc is a codeword for those who know what it means)

Smashwords Interview

What is your favorite book?
The Secret and the Truth of the Ages by Mark Cordova (he is my friend I did not write the book I just bought the eBook)
Why do you like Mark Cardova's book so much?
It represents the truth, and it is the truth I am after. Just so you know, I am not Mark Cordova. I am his friend though.
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