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Joe Weaver was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire until enlisting in the Navy at 19. He currently resides just outside of Seattle, WA.

Joe has been a lifelong fan of dark fiction, since the 5th grade when he first read Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In the winter of 2010, fueled by his love for scary, twisted and downright demented storytelling, he began working on a Novella titled "The Tragic Eight". The story was roughly 133 pages and told the story of the fictional town of Purgatory Falls.

Throughout the course of the story, the town began taking on a life, a story all of its own and "The Tragic Eight" quickly became a monster that couldn't possibly be told in a single story, or even a trilogy. The characters, the events, everything had become too massive to contain and over the next two years he revisited the entire idea.

The idea is this, a series of short stories that tell different tales from the town of Purgatory Falls. They will all be completely separate stories that will have both massive and minor cross overs, whether that is characters, events or locations. Together, these short stories will tell the massive and terrifying tale of Purgatory Falls and its dark and twisted history.

Joe strongly believes in a well written, well told story, and because of that belief, all of his stories will be professionally edited through

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