J Hacker


The seaplane flying scenes come from my life in aviation. I love flying in every form and had to make Frista an enthusiast. I was hired on staff at age sixteen in a resort on a lake in Bear Mountain, New York. Within weeks I heard stories of previous employees owning a sailboat. It eventually sunk but I pursued the stories. Within five weeks we pieced together all the old tales of where she laid at the bottom of our large lake. We found it, raised it and renewed it. That was the very primitive beginning of my ‘yachting’ life. I was in the U.S. Air Force near Seattle and since then have combined my love of sea plane flying with my business of product development. I earned my first writing fee from Western Flyer Magazine, April 1984, from my article - Floatplane Flying in Florida. My many adventures have helped me in writing my first screen play, Hymenoptera ,’92, which was made into a Fox movie of the week ’98 – Legion of Fire/Marabunta. It also is a large influence in this novel as well as in some of the thirty-two essays I wrote for a state-wide publication – First Florida Magazine ’02 – ’08. I’m presently a member of an invitation-only workshop that has produced twenty-nine published authors.

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