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  • Avoiding Commitment on Aug. 28, 2012

    I loved Avoiding Commitment! The fact that it was written as one chapter in present time and the next in the past, made it more enjoyable. Kept you captivated! Just as it was getting really intense, bang you are returned to present day or you were in the past. Lexie oh, Lexie, what woman can't relate to your insecurities? If I were you, I'd have done everything you did! Jack, I know men like you too! Get your head out of the sand! Don't you know a good thing when you see it? Seriously, wake up! Ramsey, I want to like you, really I do, but something tells me to proceed with caution. I cannot wait until Avoiding Responsibilty comes out! I had a serious book hangover after reading this book! This is a definite MUST read! Did I mention I read it in one day? Yes, folks, it was that good! Now stop wasting time reading my review and buy this book! Commit already, don't avoid it!