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  • The Dawn Patrol - Early Sketches on Nov. 30, 2013

    I liked it but unfortunately didn't come out well on my ereader. Epub.
  • Wandering Koala rides The Phantom Coach comic 1 on Dec. 03, 2013

    Good story but really peeved me as it doesn't work as an Epub on my reader.
  • Tribe on Dec. 03, 2013

    I enjoyed the story but it seems a lot of authors don't understand the category 'Graphic Novel'.
  • A Vampire in the Vatican 'Brotherhood of the Sword' on Dec. 03, 2013

    Love the story and was not bored at any point. Not much I can say as the other reviewers have said it all. 5 stars for the way it's written and the storyline.
  • Pulchritudinous Book 1 on Jan. 09, 2014

    One book makes it a bit easier and the author kept it FREE. Wonderful. Thank you.
  • That Moment... on March 05, 2014

    I don't know why I read this book. Spiritual Inspiration subject matter has never attracted me. I was wrong in my assessments. This is an absolutely wonderful book. Like a lot of other reviewers I agree it gets you thinking. The author has written this with care and attention to detail which added to the experience, and what an experience! 5 star plus rating here.
  • A Thousand Tears on March 05, 2014

    Wonderful story. I enjoyed it.
  • Pulchritudinous Book 2 on April 02, 2015

    I grabbed this book ages ago and don't know why I didn't leave a review earlier. Great story again. My kids were excited when they sat down to read it as they were already familiar with Puck. I myself enjoyed it very much and would not hesitate to highly recommended it to any family. Fantastic!
  • Ruck Nor on April 02, 2015

    Interesting read. I don't think I've read a story like this before and I did enjoy it. I too am going to read the second one straight away, I need to know. Recommended read.
  • Crimson Veil on April 02, 2015

    Great story. Definitely a gifted writer here. I love stories with 'twists' in them and here is another. I loved it and couldn't possibly give less than 5 stars. I can't understand how someone could love a story and not give any criticism but give less than 5 stars. Crazy!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Carter the Garter Snake on April 02, 2015

    What a beautiful little story. My kids will love this when I read it to them tonight. A couple of grammar errors but this isn't a problem, I'll fix that when I'm reading it to them. A delight to read.
  • The Bricklayer on April 03, 2015

    WOW!! Great story and an incredible 'twist' at the end. This is a MUST read. Thank you for the free story.
  • Potatoes to Gold on April 03, 2015

    I downloaded this story for my wife who loves historical novels. She loved it and it made her cry. Thank you for such a wonderful story, she said.
  • Nun with a Gun on April 03, 2015

    After getting the day off work and my wife took the kids visiting I finally had some time to myself. I wanted to catch up on some reading and found a following book to a vampire in the Vatican. What a great read. This is my cup of tea so to speak. Good to see Inspector Martinelli again and he's still trying to hunt vampires. The new characters are great and the author has really given us an intriguing story. Vampires, Nazi gold, a wicked priest and a couple of love stories. I agree with the others, it's sad and funny but I guess that's how life is. I'm also looking forward to the third book in this series.
  • Ruck Nor 2 on April 03, 2015

    Hoho!! Poor Craig, they're not even letting him have a woman after what they put him through. A very interesting world he's finished up in. This is a good flash story and I'm looking forward like the others to the next instalment.
  • Ruck Nor 3 on April 30, 2015

    This is getting very interesting. Sounds a little steampunk with the supervisor. Looking forward to more in this series.
  • The Fat Frog Song on May 14, 2015

    What a fun little song and lovely pictures. I will be reading it to my children tonight.
  • Tales From The Tar Baby "...Up The Track" on May 14, 2015

    Fantastic book. My sister did that trip about 8 years ago, her only visit to Australia. Drove from Adelaide to Darwin in a mini bus she bought cheap, broke down once, waited two days for spare parts and sold the mini bus back in Adelaide before she got back on the plane. Got the same price she paid for it. She still talks about it and says it was the best trip of her life. This was a great read for me.
  • The Aesinas Codex on July 15, 2015

    I'd been looking forward to this book for over a month and it finally arrived. The inspector is a very likeable man and a great investigator, although his dreams help him along with the investigations. I thought it was funny that he hates Nazis more than vampires but he wants to get out there hunting. Totally different from the previous two books but familiar characters appear again. I really like Wilhelm and Catalina but the Rome police are something else. First he has to search for the aesinas codex, then go after vampires before stopping the fourth Reich. Great story and heaps of it. I'm also wondering if he'll finish up with Sofia Graeco, I hope so. :) Another book I loved reading.