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Marne Platt is a veterinarian with an MBA, a sense of adventure and strong belief in self-reliance. She has lived in 4 countries (so far!), and loves having friends of all ages all over the world.
Marne learned from a young age how to navigate life with confidence and poise. Her parents instilled in her a strong intellectual curiosity, which she continues to cultivate while traveling the world for both business and pleasure. She loves meeting new people, learning about new places, reading, writing, chocolate and of course, animals. Marne is passionate about sharing the lessons she learned about Singlish living, climbing the career ladder and making the most of life with other women. Her other books include PREP For Success: How to Position Yourself and Your Requests to Get the Answers You Need, and Professional Presence: How to Look, Sound and Act Like a Leader in Any Job.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first two things I wrote were a poem in 7th grade and a play in 8th grade. The play was a takeoff on Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde called 'One Drink Too Many' that I wrote with my best friend for English class. Everyone in the class had a part. I still have the script!
The poem was about a friend who died after being hit by a car while delivering papers on his bicycle. He was hit by a drunk driver. It was the best way I knew to express how I felt; talking about it was just too much for me. The poem was called 'Broken Dreams.' I still remember most of it.
What do you read for pleasure?
I love to read and consume books like I consume chocolate: in bulk! Most of what I read is non-fiction, especially history and biographies, but I also love fantasy/sci-fi and historical novels. I love characters, especially women, with a wry sense of humor. I can open to any page of one of Diana Gabaldon's books and just fall in. Same for The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Catherine Wilson's When Women Were Warriors series.
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  • When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path on June 03, 2020

    When Women Were Warriors combines the best of fantasy and reality. Catherine Wilson has created a world in which warrior women train the next generation to protect their country against aggressive neighbors, a world with its own norms, traditions, even fairy tales that are all richly described. She gives us enough to picture the world her characters live in, while leaving readers the space to imagine the details that make it uniquely our own. Her characters real people facing real and personal struggles. Tamras, finding her way as a warrior despite not having the classic build for it, and her mentor Maara, a skilled warrior who is nonetheless ostracized, build a relationship that is at first prickly but grows deeper and richer with time. If you liked the Lord of the Rings but found the Sword of Shannara too derivative, if you like strong female characters written with depth, range and sympathy, and if you're looking for an adventure in another world, this series is for you!
  • Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni on June 26, 2020

    I bought this book expecting a fairly thorough explanation of who Boudicca was and how she fit into the history of the time. Instead I read a novelized version of a tale told as a legend. The premise is great, but the book was not what I thought I was getting. As a novella, it was interesting but the characters and story were a bit superficial for my taste.The story has so much potential - I wish the book had been more ambitious.
  • American Poverty on July 04, 2020

    Thought-provoking -US poverty told from the inside, Ms. Rockefeller shares her own experiences as an educated, insightful woman who nonetheless struggles financially. With the 2020 election looming, this is worth reading now.