Glad McGough


Born in Narrogin, and although travelling widely, Glad McGough has always lived in Western Australia. Her interest in writing started at high school and has continued throughout her life: which includes freelance journalism, writing and presenting scripts for a weekly half-hour children’s session, entering competitions and having stories and poetry published in magazines and anthologies.
In her professional career Glad constructed executive curriculum vitae and addressing job criteria for clients, writing business profiles and designing business documentation. This experience was vital in government employment as a senior project officer, and school-to-work transition project coordinator, designing and facilitating courses to improve employment opportunities for unemployed youth.
Currently, she facilitates two community writing groups and will graduate in November 2016 from Edith Cowan University where she has been studying a bachelor degree in writing and editing. As a nonfiction writer, this is Glad's first attempt writing for children.


This member has not published any books.

Smashwords book reviews by Glad McGough

  • The Escape Route on Oct. 26, 2016

    Claire has captured the ability to show her very human characters by their dialogue. Each protagonist is easily recognisable by readers who have experienced friends of similar personality traits. Claire contrasts her antagonist strongly revealing a manipulating, moral blackmailing, prospective mother-In-law who promises to add crisis and climaxes throughout the story. Already we are looking forward to how her comeuppance is achieved. Adding to her writing style Claire pops in original metaphors to surprise her audience and add colour to the story - Glad McGough
  • Empty on Nov. 03, 2016

    Nicola is a true story teller, she has the ability to write an engaging story from the mundane facts of life. There is no dramatic climaxes in this story and yet it holds the reader's avid interest to the last word and like all good stories it has a happy relationship ending, one all dog lover's will enjoy - Glad McvGough
  • The Empathy Circuit on Nov. 03, 2016

    The dramatic "grabbing" opening of the well-titled story demands reader participation. Clift's gothic style hints at symbolic psychological drama, focussed on the ticking of the grandfather clock and the destruction of a favourite tree. Speculative friction readers will tune into the premise of the story. Clift certainly has all the necessary talent to become an absorbing writer - Glad McGough
  • Just Make Lemonade on Nov. 03, 2016

    Lisa has written three scenarios pointing to her ability to satisfy reader's of popular fiction. Her themes will resonate with the empathy of most readers and each is worthy of expanding into longer works. Hando's freely-flowing, easy-to-read style encourages the readers to watch for further stories by this emerging pop-fic writer - Glad McGough
  • Not so squeaky clean on Nov. 03, 2016

    Chantal Hansen's rhetorical opening sentences certainly intrigue readers by her method of using a cliché that not only sets an internal running-theme but mandates further investigation into the intended connotation. Her story reveals a sound knowledge of her subject material, thereby providing satisfying versification whilst creating reader-confidence in their author's ability to tell a good story - Glad McGough
  • The Temple on Nov. 03, 2016
    (no rating)
    Descriptions can become tedious, but Victoria Huntley draws a picture hat intrigues the reader to follow her tomb. Her descriptions sets a mood and in her unique style tell a story that takes the reader out of mundane daily life and into a world presenting deep reflection. In this story Huntley achieves her aim - certainly a book the more discerning elite reader would enjoy - Glad McGough
  • Female Occupant of No. 71 on Nov. 04, 2016
    (no rating)
    It takes a vivid imagination to successfully marry the ubiquitous present with futuristic writing and although scary for those who have learned to keep things for a rainy day, A.J. Stone has delivered a theme on a plausible Sci-fi lifestyle into a fascinating read. - Glad McGough
  • White Walls on Nov. 04, 2016
    (no rating)
    Madison has successfully captured the confusion of a mind clouded by the intake of drug medication. A reader recovering from an administered anaesthetic would read the story with empathy while following Powell's theme to a realistic conclusion. The title, White Walls infers a clinical setting but does not reveal if they originate as being a hospital or a mental institution. It is for the reader to decide - Glad McGough