GS Bains born and raised in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom, began writing this first novel almost three years ago. What started out as an idea for one novel became a trilogy when the word count increased substantially. I have always been fascinated with movies and books, after a rather poor review of a particular movie - I was challenged to write my own! Once the idea materialized the rest of the novel fell into place slowly. I have always been interested in religion, it is considered that 90% of the world's population believe in a God or deity of some kind. Taking that into consideration I wrote the novel bordering on the unbelievable. Many novels stop short of the "great" revelation at the end of the novel, with this novel we explore further and the revelation is exactly what you thought it might be. Perhaps the idea of stopping short restricts the enjoyment of those novels? In "The Awakening" the ideas put forward test the theory of going beyond the norm and tries to deduce the implications of the end of days. I do hope that you enjoy my novel and feel compelled to await the release of the follow up novels in the series. The Awakening trilogy series: Samantha. Revelations. Salvation. My own interests are very much to watch as many movies as i can, escapism is bliss when embroiled in an unmissable movie. I enjoy all genre's on movies and particularly take interest in science fiction. Anything that attempts to push the boundaries is an almost must for me, films that challenge the mind are also greatly appreciated. On the music scene I am a huge U2 fan (sorry guys) and have been to see them live seven times over the years. My attraction to U2 stems from their ability to write meaningful lyrics, relevance means much in today's society. Thank you for taking the time to read my biography, and I do hope you enjoy the novel. GS Bains

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