Gabriel Wolf


Gabriel Wolf is a musician and a writer.
He's a prophet of dark art, a master of the occult.
His main themes in art are Hell, vicious circles and the World Behind the Mirror.
He's the leader and founder of the bands Finnugor (symphonic black metal), Ywolf (dark symphonic gothic) and Infra Black (terror EBM) bands.
He was born in 1977 and has been composing music for 23 years.
He made over 30 studio albums. As a musician, he has fans all over the world. His bands were/are signed to American, French, Russian, Dutch and Hungarian record labels.
As a writer, he also has about 30 works: serialized short stories and novels.
Some of them are still in progress.

He lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his wife Nola.

His real name is Farkas Gabor. He uses the English translation of his real name, in his art.
Gabriel=Gabor, Wolf=Farkas (Hungarians put family name first)

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