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  • Hide and Seek PARIS-SXM on Jan. 29, 2016

    Excellent writing, a little bit of everything: thriller, romantic love, lots of cool action scenes, sentimental attachments with friends and families that you can identify with, sympathetic characters. No politics or PC bias. You’ll get some French culture and medical lingo – one of the main characters is a Parisian doctor, Victoria. But she hides this from the handsome guy she meets on vacation in the islands. She also does a ‘makeover’ of her looks, accent, clothes, everything, and figures he’ll be just part of the vacation fun… That love interest, and second main character is Massimo, who has about half the book as narrator (they switch back and forth). And he fakes who he is, too, tells her he teaches people how to sail and gives tours on sailboats. His real job is policeman in the French drug enforcement, so he hides his real identity. So they end up in a game of hide and seek, and she ends in tons of trouble. Like a good story, both characters change and grow. The scenes are described in “full color” and you feel like you are in the Caribbean islands, or in Paris… Never been there, but I learned a lot about the place – not like a guidebook, but absorbing it through the settings described throughout the story. Surprising ending.