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  • ROOMMATES on March 30, 2012
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    The fantasies in Roommates are never ending but there are some that might bring you closer to possible reality. At the beginning, it’s Jamie that is talking to us although we don’t learn his name until much later. That doesn’t really matter because it’s Michael and Stephen that turn out to have some mysteriousness about them while Jamie is simply a gorgeous straight guy looking for accommodation. A friend leads him to check out Michael and Stephen who have a very good offer. What is thought to be one flaw is that there’s only one bathroom to be shared between the three of them. Will they be able to overcome such an obstacle? There are other details other than sex but makes me wonder if they are aware of just how lucky they should consider themselves. This is what I mean by being brought closer to reality but I still would question how I could be so lucky. Imagine having to share a house with two other guys when all three of us have remarkable bodies. There’s even a section of the living room designated for working out. Imagine all three guys knowing how to cook and will agree to cook for all of us once in awhile. One of these guys even knows his Italian grandmother’s recipe for spaghetti and meat sauce – nothing to do with this crap out of a can! I wonder why there’s nothing mentioned about cleaning, lol. Maybe that would be one too many good things!!! But there is the added house rule that each can do as he pleases aside from disturbing the other two. That must mean being quiet. By the end of the story we are to learn that it will be a nonexistent problem. Jamie’s boldness is what brings advancement to the story. Being in the bathroom when either one of the others takes a shower is what builds up Jamie’s horniness. Also, there’s the opportunity of exercising in the nude when home alone. Being home alone makes no promises that you won’t be interrupted. And Jamie is interrupted in a way that you would even have a hard time bringing up in your dreams. Read and learn where your adventures can lead when starting off with a pubic hair trim!!! And get to learn as to why I mentioned that there’s something mysterious between Michael and Stephan. We get to the end of the story on a positive note but all is not ended for the threesome. Jump to seven years later. From my interpretation they surely are out of university and paying taxes by then – a butcher, a baker and a candle-stick maker, maybe. But they’re still together which makes this story so conducive to a poetic kind of life. Rub-a-dub-dub ……