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Garrett Stevens has been training dogs of differing breeds and personalities into properly behaved canines for many years. Garrett's results and testimonials speak for him. He is an expert in canine body language and energy communication. Garrett knows that to get great results with any animal one must use clear communication, leadership, and the natural drives and instincts of each individual dog. And, of course, be a skilled communicator able to equip the owners with the skills they need. Calm, natural, relational rehab is the name of the game Not bribery with food or harsh handling!

Throughout the years Garrett has successfully rehabilitated dogs suffering from severe aggression, fears and other behavioral problems. Garrett has rehabilitated dogs that have killed other dogs back to the point where they are balanced and happy members of multi-dog households! He has even successfully trained a blind and deaf bull terrier through the dog's sense of touch and feeling. Garrett excels in identifying the underlying issues your dog may be suffering from and he can turn those problems into solutions.

Garrett wants to learn from each dog he works with. He is constantly researching the field of canine behavior and new training methods. Published in the Pet Connection Magazine, Garrett's articles have received high praise from other trainers and dog professionals. Garrett's Private Sessions are phenominal; yielding amazing results. He has taught people and dogs of all ages throughout the South Sound. Garrett also has presented Seminars and Workshops on the details of dog language and the need for more efficient handling and dog training techniques.

Over the many years he has instructed many dog daycare owners, groomers, dog rescues, veterinarians and vet techs and other dog trainers. He often spends time re-training dogs and owners that have not received the results they desired after hiring other dog training companies! He is a gifted public speaker and his reputation is pristine. He is well known around the local community.

People and animals are Garrett's lifelong passion. Garrett has studied and applied the principles of success in his life, his business, and for his clients. He was instructing people long before he ever taught dogs. He has traveled the world several times and lived in or visited India, Thailand, Cambodia, Ecuador, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Canada, Mexico and explored much of the USA. He is in love with life and learning.

Currently, when he's not training people and translating for the dogs, Garrett is working on videos and his own book to help meet the demand for better training and behavior modification techniques. He is loving life and being a husband to his gorgeous and brilliant wife and their three beautiful, stubborn, smart, high-energy, and oh-so-excellent children.

Garrett's training is always fun, fast-paced, educational, motivational and rewarding. He practices a No Dog Left Behind policy!

Smashwords Interview

How is your book different from others in the genre?
Dog Myths is exceptionally rare because it honestly and intelligently dissects how ridiculous the professional dog training industry has become. Did you know dog aggression is on the rise? Dog fears and phobias are at an all time high! How can this happen in this world of internet and modern scientific knowledge and dog training? Dog trainers and behaviorists can be found under any rock these days so why do these behavioral problems exist? I'll tell you frankly, it is because people believe in loads of behavioral dog myths. We act on what we believe. If our beliefs are in falsehoods and dog myths like positive-only reinforcement or if we believe in harsh handling and punitive mostly reinforcement because we are the "alpha," our dogs will continue to manipulate the dickens out of us and they will continue to exhibit poor behavior! The answers lie in understanding nature and in our dogs' senses and spatial intelligence NOT in bribery with food or smacking them around. Most well-meaning folks don't understand how pathetically weak pleasure or pain (positive reinforcement or punitive reinforcement) is when compared to the natural INTERNAL Motivators we can find in our dogs! Positive reinforcement AND punitive reinforcement are both shallow external motivators and will never compare to our dogs' internal drives and motivations. Mainstream training always harps on obedience and trick training what they fail to realize is that the Addition of obedience doesn't necessarily mean the Subtraction of poor behavior! It is way beyond time we looked past the status quo and into the calm and wonderfully freeing future of dog ownership. It's time we busted these many Dog Myths and pave the way for man and man's best friend for the next thousand years!
What is your writing process?
Scattered. Often a deluge of ideas, images, and concepts. I sure wish I had paid more attention to Mr. Dunbar's English class when we were going over writing an outline. But there's hope for me yet because Dog Myths is just the first of many books I plan to unveil unto the unprepared populace. As I grow as an author and a marketer hopefully some day in the near future they may actually be prepared.
Honestly though, as a reformed perfectionist, I have made up a quote that has helped me immensely. Would you like to hear it? Here goes... Never let procrastination and perfectionism paralyze production. That's a lot of Ps. Perhaps I just miss my years watching Sesame Street? I don't know.
I have attended one book writing seminar and it was highly beneficial. Maybe for my next book I'll use his techniques.
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Dog Myths: What You Believe about Dogs Can Come Back to Bite You!
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 32,930. Language: English. Published: March 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Pets & livestock, Nonfiction » Science and Nature » Animals
Much of what we've been taught about our dogs' language and their behavior is simply untrue! What we believe influences the actions we take. Defining and dismantling industry-wide dog myths will help us prevent, reverse, and eliminate poor behavior in our dogs and pups much more than simply adding mainstream training and behavior modification! Any dog and any owner will benefit from this book!

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