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Gars Méchant is an erotic story author that has been publishing stories for about 20 years for free online, following a period of roughly 10 years of writing junk that he wouldn't even publish for free on Usenet anonymously.

Now that he is mostly done with exclusively publishing erotic short stories for free, he published his first four books toward the end of 2015: "Educating Goldilocks", "Extra Credit", "Waking Sleeping Beauty: A Novelette", and "Tired". He published the short story "Oops!" at the beginning of 2016.

In September of 2016, he published the first volume of "Raven & June" in five short books, and the first two novels of his "They Said..." series, "They Said: The Dare," "They Said: Way Off Broadway", and "They Said: The Missing File." Each of the books of this series has two stories covering the same events told from the perspective of two different participants. Another work connected to "They Said: Way Off Broadway" but not part of the "They Said..." series, is "Football Widows," the story of two women who let their husbands watch football at home while they go out for lunch, and a special dessert with other men!

After those books, Mr. Méchant expects to start work on a new book about the reorganization of a couple of marriages in a novel tentatively titled "Seams", the second in his "Vegas Cameltoe Brigade" novels tentatively titled "On The Rocks," possibly the next book in the "Goldilocks" series, and finally a new trilogy of erotic horror novels that is currently untitled. He reserves the right to do these in any order, or to add in other works not listed here. ;)

He is often thought of as being an extremely nice guy, whom you would never, and I mean never, expect to write this kind of erotic fiction. He is a firm believer (and good example) of the saying "It;s always the ones you don't expect."

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Actually, my fans are everything to me. I am constantly blabbing to them on my blog. And I love hearing from them; not just about my writing, but about anything they are thinking about or experiencing.
Hint. ;)
When did you first start writing?
I started writing as a child. I was creating written stories in early grade school. Of course the subject matter was substantially different...
While becoming a published author was a childhood dream of mine, it wasn't until I reached middle-age that I seriously considered adding "Published and Paid Author" to my list of accomplishments.
Now, for the next item on my bucket list...
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Where to find Gars Méchant online

Twitter: @GarsMechant
Facebook: Facebook profile

Smashwords book reviews by Gars Méchant

  • Warming Stories Volume One on Feb. 24, 2016

    It isn't often that you stumble across a talented and thoughtful author in the Erotic section of any online retailer, especially one who self-publishes. This collection of short stories by Lidsay Debout shows an artist confident in her craft, enough so that she knows how to paint a vivid picture of a place and time, as well as the mindset of the characters, with precision. These stories are not porn. They definitely deal with adult subject matters, erotically and explicitly, but do not pass the "porn test." They cross over into thoughtful literature, and are the better for that. If you like thoughtful, well crafted, and adult short stories, something that engages your mind as much or more than your groin, you should definitely read this book. You can't beat the price for this quality!