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Gary Anderson grew up in California and developed an interest in real estate during the Orange County boom of the 70's. He rekindled that interest in Nevada at the top of the boom, when inventories were building to dangerous levels, in mid 2005.

Since then he has striven to figure out the root causes of the real estate bubble and has contributed to major financial websites like Seeking Alpha and Business Insider. Mr. Anderson gives a muckraking appraisal of the financial system but is determined to avoid divisions over ethnicity. His books will reflect a fairness to all because all were victimized by the behavior of a few.

In the author's opinion, these ebooks are important in order for the nation to distance itself from the will of predatory bankers. The author supports Occupy Wall Street as long as the movement remains peaceful and dedicated to uncovering bad banking behavior.

The mainstream media will not allow for a massive revelation of who is to blame for the housing crisis, and what those to blame will do in the future. The populace has a general understanding that something was done incorrectly, but is largely unaware of the predatory nature of the international banking system.

The mainstream news media has distorted the facts regarding the cause of the housing bubble, and these books prove that the course of events was actually much different than stories that were misleading, polluting our popular beliefs. Based on that foundation it is easy to see who wants more housing bubbles, and how they will be able to pull it off in the midst of economic predictions of slow economic growth.

The banks have a plan, and it will cause more financial misery for our young and old going forward. The timeline is known only to the bankers, but they plan night and day for the time that they can write loans that they are not responsible for maintaining. House values will be manipulated going forward, just as speculation drives gasoline and food prices beyond intrinsic worth.

The author believes in free markets, but opposes unregulated financial institutions manipulating markets.

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