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Gary L. Nichols has no formal cooking training. His parents owned a restaurant that was attached to their house when he was young, so he was constantly around food preparation and he learned to cook hands-on by watching and participating. His mother taught him to add salt, pepper, spices and herbs to give a fantastic flavor to any dish. Her motto is, “If it tastes good in the pot, it’ll taste good on the plate.” Growing up, Gary never saw a recipe and today he knows he can turn any ingredients into a meal that will please taste buds all around the table.

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Introduction to Herbs and Spices
This is the introduction to the herbs and spices video series for "The No Recipe Cookbook", which we will attempt to stop the frustration of going to a full cupboard or a full refrigerator and saying "there is absolutely nothing to eat here". The problem is not that there isn't anything to eat; the problem is, you are tired of cooking the same boring dishes. The solution to the problem is learning to used herbs and spices, with your same ingredients, to make a variety of new and enticing meals

Cooking with Basil-Fresh/Dried
To obtain the most flavor when cooking with basil; most chefs will recommend the leaves be torn and pounded not chopped because this will release more of the leaf's flavorful oils for your dish. It is also recommended that fresh sweet basil be added to your cooking at the last moment, as overcooking the herb quickly breaks down its flavor. Dried sweet basil can be found in your grocer's spice aisle; however drying concentrates the flavor of the herb, therefore less is more.

Cooking With Salt- The Misunderstood Spice
Yes I know salt is not a spice, it is a mineral; watch the video by Gary L. Nichols and find out why we need to cook with salt. Cooking with salt is a must if you want to prepare exquisite meals. With this series of cooking videos, non-chef but cooking expert Gary L. Nichols will be exploring all realms of cooking, like imagination cooking, dump cooking and no recipe cooking.

Cooking With Thyme
This cooking with thyme video will start you with the basics for cooking with thyme. It will tell you thyme is one of the more powerful flavorful herbs so it should be added at the beginning of the cooking process. By adding thyme at the beginning it will give it a chance to permeate into the dish and yet not become overpowering. Cooking with thyme will also give you some examples of foods, which pair well with thyme, like roast [beef, pork or lamb] or any slow cooked sauces.

Cooking With Rosemary
Cooking with rosemary from the video series for "The No Recipe Cookbook" will give some of the basics when starting to cook with the herb rosemary. Rosemary is an herb, which has one of those distinctive, strong flavors that convince the palate that herbs aren't just delicate things reserved for dainty soups or sprinkling on baby vegetables. It takes hold of your taste buds with a woodsy flavor, somewhat piney, mint like yet sweeter with a slight ginger finish. It can also be used as an accent.


The No Recipe Cookbook
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 27,640. Language: English. Published: March 4, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Spices
Want to become a wizard of spices, a maestro of herbs? The No Recipe Cookbook will take your cooking from a chore to a culinary challenge and will bring you accolades at your dining room table that you never dreamed possible.With Gary L. Nichols’ three easy to learn cooking principles, you can expand your cooking horizons beyond the pages of any cookbook and into the celestial heavens.

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