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I started writing short stories when I was around nine years of age. I have kept journals most of my life, wrote plays (had two performed) and notes during my travels and then books. I have always been an observer, seeing what is and writing about what I see. I lived in and traveled around France for a while and have traveled around Turkey quite a lot with my Turkish partner. I presently live in the far north of England - far from the madding crowd and the center of corruption.

Smashwords Interview

What made you start to write?
My growing horror with living a ‘normal’ life as a ‘householder’, ‘breadwinner’ and working automaton in a huge, screwed-up machine. I gave all that up, became a human-being again and started seeing what is.
What do you you write about?
People; mainly the greed and arrogance of people with money and power such as most politicians, the owners of the mass media, the banking industry, and the stupidity of humanity (including myself) for letting them get away with it time after time after time. I also write about the most intelligent, wise and compassionate person the world has experienced for over 2000 years.
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Smashwords book reviews by Keith Gascoigne

  • Why We Should Go Vegan on March 25, 2014

    Good style, well laid-out, easy to read, with links to external sources to back-up what he says. Magnus Vinding presents a convincing argument for becoming vegan and refusing to be a part of humanity that still thinks it morally right to raise and slaughter millions of animals for unneeded food every year and with no justifiable reason whatsoever. I was on the verge of moving from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one and this moved me in the right direction. This ebook is logically and clearly put and I recommend it highly.
  • Debian: Try It; You'll Like It on March 29, 2014

    I read this straight through. It is brilliant and jam-packed with information that even I, after using various distributions of Gnu-Linux for over 14 years, didn’t know. Written in an easily understandable way for potential users, beginners and long-term users (like me) alike, which is refreshing after reading so much information for Linux-users that is ambiguous and confusing. This ebook could save hours of head-scratching and frustration for anyone wanting to escape the horrors of MS Windows or even Apple’s over-controlling OS. Read it; you’ll like it.