I read books.
The rest does not matter.


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Gavran's favorite authors on Smashwords

Beth Bernobich
Latest book: Nocturnall. Published December 1, 2015.
Emma Bull
Latest book: Liavek 7: Spells of Binding. Published November 27, 2016.
Ian Isaro
Latest book: Gin and Ambrosia. Published August 1, 2014. (5.00 from 1 review)
J.A. Pitts
Latest book: Night Terrors. Published April 8, 2016.
James D. Macdonald
Latest book: The Clockwork Trollop. Published December 1, 2013. (5.00 from 1 review)
John Connolly
Latest book: A Game of Ghosts. Published April 11, 2017.
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Latest book: Shining Steel. Published December 28, 2010.
Liz Williams
Latest book: A Glass of Shadow. Published February 7, 2012.
Martha Wells
Latest book: SGA-02 - Reliquary. Published May 15, 2012.
Tim Pratt
Latest book: Hic sunt dracones: cuentos imposibles. Published October 28, 2013.
Tom Deitz
Latest book: Warstalker's Track (David Sullivan, #9). Published September 12, 2016.
Will Shetterly
Latest book: Liavek 8: Festival Week. Published January 5, 2017.