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I've been writing stories all my life, for as long as I cán write. At 11 I wrote my first 200 page manuscript, at first by hand, later carefully typed over on my typewriter. At 14 I started writing my second, about 400 page, manuscript. My friends and classmates loved the books and my essays.
In university I stopped writing fiction, and only now I've returned to this former passion, this time with the added handicap: I'm writing in English. It isn't my native tongue and to be frank, I'm quite horrible at it. But fantasy in Dutch just sounds very very boring.

The book "Nexus" is a total (and I mean total, there's almost nothing left of the original) rewrite of the old 400 page book. The original was in Dutch and used to have the title "Zaak X" ("Case X"). Most of the plot has changed, and many of the characters have been removed, merged or changed. I think the only thing that's still the same is the gist of the main plotline, and a few names and places. And the Nexus of course. That strange old place will always remain.

Happy reading!

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Price: Free! Words: 224,610. Language: English. Published: November 13, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
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Goal reached!
What if you had the power to cure humanity of all diseases, create a world free of hunger or pain. What if this beautiful world came at the small price of two things: You would have to kill the woman you loved. And it would annually take the lives of a few little children. Would this be too large a price to pay for the health and well-being of all mankind?

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