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Smashwords book reviews by Geekraider

  • Gravitational Pull: Ahe'ey, Episode 2 on Sep. 27, 2016

    Never seen such a clever entwine of the ever so delicate male chauvinism topic vis-a-vis the championed independent woman theme. Jamie managed to address a delicate topic in an authoritative, fun and definitely informative way
  • Beginnings: Ahe'ey, Episode 1 on Sep. 27, 2016

    Jamie gets us started in a fast paced flashback that sets the scene with a perfectly capable female warrior, Grainne, having to fend off men who try to take away her kid. From the start through to the end, Ahe'ey is a teeming homage of the female struggle in a male dominated world closely interwoven with suppressed chemical tension between two people who are aren't really ready to bring their actual feelings to the start All in all, this is a perfect exploration of fantasy, fiction that will keep you reading late into the night and subtly drive home the base lessons without sounding too obtrusive. The writer's vivid descriptions and clever narration skillsets at the very core of this narrative's success