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Writing is my breath. Geekstress at heart with a love of all things nerdy. Words about love, tech, my experiences, writing, and the universe.

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  • Fifty Spooky Writing Prompts on Aug. 12, 2020

    Fantastic book! Amazing prompts that I absolutely loved! One of my favorite writing prompt books, without a doubt. Bravo!
  • How To Write An Ebook In Only 30 Days on Nov. 21, 2021

    I've read more books like this than I can remember. All of them promise you the moon. And then fail miserably. Either their writing is so bad that you can't trust it, or the advice is just fluff...or (on the flip side) completely unreasonable, or the instructions actually aren't complete. Not this book. I'm shocked this book hasn't received multiple positive reviews! This author does a fantastic job in distilling excellent writing wisdom and assistance down to a short book that is easy to digest and understand, it is motivating, and it actually makes me think I can write that ebook this time! Thank you for such an amazing book! I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't published yet but has been considering it. His is one of the most realistic books on the subject and it is full of very useful instructions and tips.