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Ginger Gelsheimer (1973-) became part of the surf & ski writing team in 2009, when the Aurora Conspiracy franchise came to life over a great bottle of vino. What if he lived? We wondered about the alien that crashed into a windmill in 1897... and that's how Aurelius was born.

Here is a fun "journal" of things that are interesting to me that will shed some light on what I'm like.

Here's the normal stuff everyone seems to include in these author bios...
With writing partner Christina Keats, Ginger took a leap of faith and embarked on her own adventure of a lifetime with the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy, kicking her corporate job to the curb. Together, these ladies have explored the outer limits of where life could actually take them. The freedom and boundary-less adventure in Aurora Conspiracy has truly become a reflection of the freedom they have demanded and achieved in their lives.

Ginger has also started another series called The Dark Days, which is loosely based on a prequel to The Hunger Games. She has written three episodes so far with her daughter, Taylor Anderson.

Ginger lives in Tampa, Florida where the ocean inspires imagination. She lives with Taylor and a house full of black furry animals and four huge fish in the pond.


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  • Hero For Hire on Nov. 08, 2013

    Hero for Hire has to be one of the most fun and adventurous books I've read in awhile! Every page took me on another crazy turn. I loved Eno and his fun charm and charasmatic personality. He was well-written with depth of every emotion. I laughed with him and cried with him over his torment of betrayal and his mission to make things right. I admired his persistence even through the wrath of many of the dark Gods. CB Pratt did an amazing job creating the fantasy worlds he traveled through and I could easily envision myself traveling along with Eno on his journey! I just wished I could have jumped in and helped the poor guy out at times-sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see if he could survive. I highly recommend it and can't wait to read the sequel! It took me back to Clash of the Titans (original) which was one of my favorite movies as a kid.