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Brian Krogstad

Brian Krogstad is a Sales and Marketing Specialist currently based in California. Since 1995 he has been a pioneer creating successful sales and marketing organizations for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. He is fluent in English as well as Spanish. In addition to traveling to Spanish speaking countries and territories such as Spain and Puerto Rico on business; in the past Brian has also lived abroad and worked professionally in Mexico.

Miles Houck

Miles Houck is a Business and Technology professional that graduated college in Pennsylvania while now residing in California. He exemplifies all positive aspects of the Generation X profile. Miles has helped Fortune 500 and start-up companies dominate by implementing leading edge technologies and business concepts since 1984. Miles’ passion is helping domestic and international businesses benefit from emerging market opportunities.

Brian and Miles co-authored the "A Gringo's Guide," series to share their knowledge of Hispanic Marketing with the masses - so more can benefit. The time is now to be prepared to market online (the right way) to those of Spanish or Hispanic origin – Generation Equis.

This group represents a sleeping giant about to awaken with new market opportunities. Will you or your business be ready?

Generation Equis Media

Generation Equis Media was formed to create a forward thinking publishing company.
They focus on publishing for and by the Hispanic market and of course for the general market place as well.

Generation Equis Media fosters the Hispanic and Spanish speaking community represented by Generation Equis. Acting as the parent company they also provide Internet business development, sales and marketing services where they specialize in targeting Generation Equis - the right way.

Generation Equis Media is a unique company with a simple mission. To offer a diverse set of Internet business ventures that focus on new opportunities represented by the rapidly growing population group named "Generation Equis."

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