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Genie Monte-Pelizzari is a licensed massage practitioner and Reiki Master with over thirteen years of practical experience. She is a certified specialist in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Movement Therapy. Genie is an experienced instructor and curriculum developer for professional licensing programs in massage therapy.

Source Connection Therapy is the creation of Ms. Monte-Pelizzari, perfected over time and proven effective through working with hundreds of clients whom she helped find balance in their lives. She developed Source Connection Therapy with the specific goal of helping her clients achieve optimal health.

Genie is well known as the developer and teacher of this beneficial modality and uses Source Connection Therapy in her daily practice. She also travels to health shows and seminars. Genie is motivated by a strong desire to help others attain wellness, balance, and harmony in their lives by learning how to identify the Source in their own lives and then how to connect with that Source for effective healing and personal growth.
She discovered balance in her life through a close connection with her Source, God. From this personal revelation, she followed the guidance from her Source and developed a therapy through which others can achieve the same sense of wellbeing.

Genie is an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast. She balances her busy professional life with active adventures into the mountains near her North Idaho home and the Pacific Northwest.
Source Connection Therapy is Genie’s gift to others, a carefully thought out, meticulously-presented book encouraging others to find their personal Source and then attain full healing potential by using the connection techniques presented in this book.

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