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  • Blood and Guitars on Jan. 08, 2012

    I was rather taken back by this book. In all honesty I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it as much as I did, but I could not put it down! A few of the reasons I enjoyed this story was due to the characters. They were well thought out and Heather Jensen took the time to develop their personalities enough to feel as if they were based upon real people. She was able to create such wonderful characters by writing in the point of views of Aurora and Trey. The love story between them is well paced and I couldn't help finding myself falling in love with both of them. Unlike many other books of this nature where the main characters proclaim their love after a few pages without telling the readers WHY they love each other, Jensen does a fantastic job of showing the development of their relationship and explaining the reasons why they love one another and showing us through small gestures such as Trey's smile or holding hands. And on top of that, it is a healthy relationship where it is based upon mutual respect rather than creepy, unhealthy I-can't-live-without-you-or-I'll-die-because-I-lack-self-esteem relationships that I have seen in so many other paranormal romance novels. Granted there were a few things I did not like. One of them was the lack of labeling when the chapters switched point of views. The first couple of chapters were from Aurora and then randomly it switches to Trey. I was a bit confused at first until I became used to it, but I would have liked the chapters to state whose head I was in. Hopefully this would be corrected in the next book. I also did not like the ending. I felt it should have stopped when Trey learned the truth about Aurora. The last few chapters felt as if they dragged on a bit instead of coming to an end which would launch the reader into the next book. Yet I do understand the issue with the band **SPOILERS** coming to terms with the death of their manager needed to be addressed, but I felt that if there was a cliff hanger or something to lead directly into the next book it would have concluded a bit better. Overall, I highly recommend this book. I have been telling everyone of my friends that read they need to check this book out. It has been four days since I finished the book, I cannot get Trey and Aurora out of my head. After forcing myself to finish reading “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater (wonderful author, just did not care for that storyline), this book was a wonderful change of direction with a strong plot, great characters, and a beautiful love story.