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Geree McDermott was born and raised in San Diego, CA and lived in Solana Beach for eleven years before she moved to Socorro, New Mexico where she graduated from New Mexico Tech with highest honors. After graduation, Geree moved to Mountainair, NM where she opened an art studio/gallery. But landlocked in New Mexico, Geree missed living at the beach so in 2007 she moved back to the beach, but in South America.
In 2011, Geree lost a breast to cancer and endured a year of chemotherapy. It was a horrific experience, but she survived. She began writing as a form of therapy as a way to vent fear and anger. After five years, she completed "The Swirling Red Mist: A Tale of Murder" which follows a stalker who becomes a murderer, killing the innocent when they least expect it, and she who survives. It helped Geree expel her demons while accepting them.
Geree now lives on the central coast of Chile in a beach resort city.

Smashwords Interview

Did you always want to be a writer?
Yes, I supposed I did. As a young girl, I had pen pals all over the world and I loved writing letters. I also kept diaries. But, one day when I was about 14, I read a page to my boyfriend and he laughed at me, I put that ambition aside.
When did you first start writing The Swirling Red Mist: A Tale of Murder?
A therapist friend of mine, Joan Leslie Woodruff, wrote a book called, Mind Games and sent to me for Christmas the year my cancer treatment for breast cancer ended. I was deeply depressed and angry. Her book helped me get those feelings out of my head and onto paper. Then I started writing my book.
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